Available December 2021
The Digital Playbook
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Centralise team knowledge, training
& processes within a searchable hub.

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Say goodbye to lost business 'know-how'...

Teams lose up to 14% of their time recreating existing business knowledge.

WorkPilot changes that, by making it easy for teams to document & share their knowledge in a reusable way and within a searchable hub.

Your central knowledge hub:
Process Management

Create a library of interactive & shareable process checklists

Company Wiki

Launch a searchable Wiki where work knowledge is shared

Task Tracking

Track team work performance and monitor task progress

Tutorial Builder

Create short courses that explain role specific tasks

Team Collaboration

Empower teamwork with easy collaboration tools

Performance Inights

View key team performance Insights & analytics

For Staff Onboarding

Easier staff onboarding...

makes it easy to create self-guided onboarding workflows, checklists and content to welcome new starters.

For Process Management

Manage all of your key processes...

Support your workforce with a library of collaborative checklists, designed to increase productivity and streamline performance.

For Work Tutorials

Instant access to key knowledge...

Document key work practices and create shareable online tutorials for your team with WorkPilot.

Team-source content by setting edit and read-only permissions to build your knowledge bank.

For Work Handovers

Seamless & interactive work handovers...

WorkPilot makes it easy to handover work between staff with that ability to create shareable documents, short tutorials and reusable checklists.

Safeguard handovers, centralise knowledge and enable collaboration with incoming team members.

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For Innovation Programs

Create & share innovation knowledge...

Create interactive roadmaps, innovation courses and a shareable content library within a central platform

WorkPilot makes it easy to streamline innovation program management and Founder support.

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