4 Ways To Motivate Your Team

Employee motivation is important for organisational success. Here are 4 things that you can do to boost employee motivation.
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September 28, 2022
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Highly motivated employees have a huge impact on company success. They are 87% less likely to leave and perform 20% better.

Engaged employees find efficient ways for accomplishing assigned duties and offload tasks from over-burden colleagues. Excellence is their mantra, and results often exceed standards. You can count on their support for tasks beyond their roles. So, what four things can you do to boost employee motivation?  

  1. Pay employees their full measure and worth

Employees must feel like they’re  being fairly compensated for their efforts. The company should not have huge runaway profits and high executive salaries while keeping wages stagnant.

For many around the globe, salaries have remained fixed over the years while living costs skyrocket. Companies are piling more pressure on employees to perform at their level best and even requiring them to work extra hours with no significant rewards.  

The outcome has been employees who feel resentful of their jobs but remain trapped in them because they can't leave and still manage to maintain basic decencies such as affording a place to live and sending their kids to school.  

Paying employees what they are worth entails setting their salaries based on industry-recommended rates and far above the living wage. The company should also consider employee bonus programs such as profit sharing, which encourages employees to increase their efficiency to cut costs and productivity to drive profits up.

Many fortune 500 companies already use profit-sharing, such as Ford Motor Company, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Procter & Gamble (PG), among other firms.

Compensating employees even more than their worth may not hurt the company’s bottom line but serve to increase it. Employees with higher wages are more productive as they are more motivated.

Your most experienced workers may stay longer, improving your retention rates and minimising the costs of new hires. Attractive salaries may draw the best talent in the industry, which gives your company a great competitive advantage.  

  1. Make your workplace pleasant and inviting

According to Great Place to Work, a nationally-ranked top workplace may earn you new customers and recruits. People seek supportive and engaging workplaces that don’t drain them of their energy. They want nontoxic office environments with no drama from the bosses and minimal stress.

Implementing small changes can greatly improve your work environment. Figure out the basics such as providing a clean, safe, quiet, and private space for employees. While an inviting space matters, you must consider the people working in it. Do you have any bullying among staff? Is everyone respectful and professional? Once you have figured the basics out, you can focus on providing extra perks such as break rooms, healthy snacks, gyms, etc.  

  1. Provide opportunities for self-development

The employee of today is often concerned about the long-term survival of their job. Sudden and radical changes mean they are less likely to work for a single company for much of their adult life.

Providing opportunities for self-development entails making employees better at their current job and future roles even outside your company. For instance, Amazon committed $1.2 Billion to support the education and re-skilling of more than 300,000 employees as part of their 2025 pledge.  It seeks to impart critical skills to help Amazon employees move to in-demand roles within and beyond Amazon.  

  1. Set clear goals  

Get your employees motivated by giving them clear goals, targets, milestones, and deadlines. Promoting accountability can do wonders in helping employees perform at their best level. You should constantly  realign employees towards the company’s goals and values. Show how their work matters in the overall context of the organisation.  

You don’t need extrinsic motivators such as offering rewards. Intrinsic motivations can give employees the drive they need. With our remote work platform, WorkPilot, you can set and assign clear tasks. See it in action today!

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