How To Create Employee Onboarding Checklists with WorkPilot

It's easy to create reusable onboarding checklists that can be shared with your team and organisation.
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September 28, 2022
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New employee onboarding often involves a similar sequence of steps that need to be completed, so it makes perfect sense to turn it into a reusable checklist.

At WorkPilot we understand what goes into great employee onboarding. That's why we've made it quick & easy to systemise your onboarding process.

In just a few minutes you can use WorkPilot to:

  • Systemise your onboarding workflow
  • Create a step by step checklist that can be reused
  • Add help content to guide checklist users through each step
  • Publish the checklist to a shared library
  • Allow users to collaborate with each other when using the checklist

Check the quick explainer video above on how to create your first onboarding checklist for free :)


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