How to Handover Work Between Employees

In 5 easy steps, you can smoothly process a digital handover of work between employees
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September 28, 2022
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Handovers can be considered a tedious process when involving paperwork and back and forth emails. This is where a digital handover comes into place. A digital handover involves the same elements as the traditional handover but it helps to save time and costs for your company.

You want the new employee to be provided with relevant information and resources to successfully carry out their job. A smooth handover process ensures a smooth transition and gets the ground running for the new hire.

To complete a digital work handover between employees, you will need an online platform that allows you to:

  • Upload documents and other information easily
  • Share and collaborate
  • Create actionable checklist
  • Track the handover process

Let’s talk about how you can implement a digital handover that benefits both the company and employee:

Step 1: Document the critical process, responsibilities, and projects

A handover includes documenting, and passing down all relevant information and processes. As per the role, this includes:

  • Job responsibilities
  • Project lists
  • Daily tasks
  • Job requirements

Documenting this information in the digital handover will make it easier for the new employee to better understand their role and responsibilities.

Step 2: Collect and upload all relevant information to pass onto the new hire

Collecting information includes job documents, company documents, login credentials, contact lists, and team structure information. With this information in hand, a new employee is bound to easily find their way in your company and role.

Step 3: Get all documents signed off and ready for handover

Documents are required to be signed off before passing them down to a new employee. It is important to make a list of these documents and get them signed off before the current employee leaves the organisation. A list of these documents should be uploaded on the platform for the new employee’s reference.

Step 4: Upload and share all the relevant information on the platform

Once all the documents, information, and files have been collected, you now need to upload and share them on the platform. Uploading and sharing should be a smooth process with an online platform. This eliminates the need for using emails and constant meetings to process the transfer.

Step 5: Create an actionable checklist to track the progress

The handover is complete once information has been uploaded and shared. To make the most of the online system, you can create an actionable checklist to track the progress of the handover. This will help keep track of the tasks that need to be accomplished and the deadline that needs to be followed.

To get started on creating a handover process for your company on an online platform, you can use WorkPilot to save your time. It has all the features that you need to create a smooth digital handover of work between your employees.
The features include:

  • Document and file management
  • Actionable checklists
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Tracking the work progress

    Get started today to create a smooth handover process with WorkPilot!

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