How to Run a Great Online Meeting - 5 Simple Tips

Running a great online meeting takes a mix of planning, hosting and management. Here are 5 easy tips on how to run an online meeting to help you get started.
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September 28, 2022
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The countdown has begun. You can feel the intense pressure of wanting to deliver a successful meeting. What should you know, and how should you run an online meeting? 

We’re discussing six general tips you can take for running a virtual meeting. 

  1. Define what success looks like + What you must do 

Online meetings delve into different subjects and objectives. The steps you take to make one meeting great may not work on another meeting. 

So, start by defining what success looks like for each virtual meeting. 

  • Do you consider an online meeting “great” if all participants contribute to the discussion? 
  • Is your idea of success banked on the generation of creative ideas during the meeting? 
  • Do you consider the session great if you get through it without any poor internet connection issues or low attendance?  

List down what success looks like and come up with actionable tips. You can even use this handy table template.  

What success looks like 

What I must do

Maximum attendance

Send regular reminders to go off within one day, one hour, and 10 minutes of the meeting

New creative ideas to solve a problem 

Structure the online meeting as a brainstorming session

  1. Write an online meeting agenda or itinerary

The meeting agenda details topics of discussion or the list of activities. You write it in an outline format. Perhaps, your meeting starts with 10 minutes of chitchat. After which, different department heads take over to discuss project timelines. 

Now, you can write more effective meeting agendas by following these tips: 

  • List all the topics to be covered and assign limited time slots; 
  • Identify who will be taking over at certain intervals; 
  • Enlist help from actual participants in creating the agenda; 
  • Clearly state up to 5 meeting goals and key achievements;
  • Share your agenda ahead of time with the participants or brief them on the meeting objectives; 
  • Structure the meeting agenda like a timetable with activities from the start time to the end time; 

  1. Establish rules and try to keep to them

Virtual meetings can turn into rowdy classrooms if you don’t have structure. How do you manage an online meeting? You can take a leaf from your elementary teacher by outlining some ground rules and etiquette. Here are some tips you can implement: 

  • Discussions should contribute towards the meeting goals; 
  • Everyone should participate; 
  • Listen before you speak; 
  • Respect the clock and make your points brief; 
  • Challenge facts, not people; 
  • Show up on time and prepared with all you need; 
  • Stay professional, present, and engaged. 

A bonus rule for virtual meetings: put on some trousers :-)

  1. Make the meeting memorable, not an afterthought

One of the best tips for running an online meeting is to make the engagement memorable, insightful, and fun. In the end, participants should feel a great deal of pleasure, knowing that they have used their time wisely. 

So, how do you do this? Keep participants engaged by dropping the formality down a notch. Think about ways you can make it easier for each participant to learn or contribute. 

Don’t let the meeting go on for a long time. Meetings that are over 1 hour long may be stretching it. After the meeting, provide follow-up materials or a recording of the session for easier reference. 

  1.  A little practice cannot hurt 

Nothing prepares you for the moment where you have a dozen eyes upon you. However, good practice comes close. Even the best performers and athletes don't merely wing it. They take time to prepare and practice. 

You now know a thing or two about how to run an online meeting. It only takes the first attempt to learn the ropes. Our remote working platform, WorkPilot, can help support many of the activities you may need to perform in preparing for your online meeting.

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