The Benefits of Creating a Digital Employee Handbook

5 benefits of creating a digital employee handbook for your organisation
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September 28, 2022
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A digital employee handbook is a great way to engage your employees and build a positive work culture. A handbook helps new employees to get acquainted with the workplace, their role and get relevant information to get them started on the right path.

So What is an Employee Handbook?

A digital employee handbook defines your company policies, procedures, and working practices systematically. By focusing your efforts on developing an employee handbook, you can make the onboarding process easier for your employees. It also makes it easier for your company to organise information.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of creating a digital employee handbook for your company:

  1. Reduce paperwork

Employees are looking for fast access to information. A digital employee handbook is easy to access, share and collaborate on rather than paper-based handbooks. It is also less costly to update a digital handbook as compared to paper-based handbooks.

  1. Store your information in one place

Access to relevant information is critical for new employees as they find their place in a new company. With a digital handbook, document and information transfer become a fast and efficient process as all the information gets stored in one place.

  1. Foster smooth integration and increase onboarding efficiency

As employees rely on online tools such as emails and the company intranet to gather information, using an online handbook will create a smooth onboarding experience. Workplace integration also becomes easier for the employees. A digital pathway will increase efficiency and create a positive experience for the employees and less hassle for your company.

  1. Create an easy way to track employee progress

Find the right platform that will allow you to create a digital employee handbook and also track the employee's progress when they are going through the documents. Tracking the progress makes it easier for the management to communicate and check in with the employees at the right time.

  1. Build a safe and positive culture of collaboration

Great teams are built on a strong culture of collaboration. With a digital employee handbook, it becomes easier for employees to quickly access the knowledge they need without always needing to ask a manager or colleague. Employees become more productive from the get-go helping to build a safe and positive work culture for your company.

You can use an online platform like WorkPilot to create a digital employee handbook that suits your company’s preferences and requirements. The employee handbook can be made in a few simple steps, and it will be ready for your employees to access in real-time. Get started today!

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