Time Management Hacks for Remote Working

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September 28, 2022
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Time Management Hacks for Better Remote Working

Working remotely has presented itself as a new challenge to most of us since the pandemic set in, and all of us have spent months trying to adjust to it, maintain productivity, and make the best of a difficult situation. Even pre-pandemic, the best of us struggled with time management, and now that we’re all working from home, it’s tougher, and thus calls for new solutions.

Here are a few tips you can use to manage your time better in your remote work schedule-

  1.  Assign realistic schedules and goals

It’s all too easy to get caught up in an overestimation of our own abilities and set sky-high, unrealistic goals for ourselves in our work. But it’s important to have boundaries, set doable limits to how much work you will get done in a certain period of time, and don’t overexert in the drive to be perfect and quick. Having just enough work on your plate will also help you manage your time

  1.  Communicate openly with your manager and colleagues

One of the salient features of remote work is that we don’t get to meet our co-workers and/or manager anymore, and thus sadly, there are chances of miscommunication and gaps in understanding if you’re not careful. You can make use of a remote working platform like WorkPilot to stay connected to your manager and colleagues and work more collaboratively to avoid wastage of time and miscommunication.

  1.  Don’t let breaks carry you away

It is very good, and advisable to entertain yourself in your spare time and during breaks. But it can’t be denied that too many of us get lost down the rabbit-hole of social media and can’t keep track of time after that! A good idea to ensure you stay on track is to set timers for such breaks so that you don’t forget and go overboard.

  1.  Take care of yourself

That being said, it is still equally important to take breaks as and when you need them, just as long as you time and regulate these breaks. Also remember to eat well, get a little exercise and if possible, fresh air every day, and get enough sleep! It’ll help you stay focused during work and thus, manage time better since you’ll naturally be more alert, energetic and sharp.

  1.  Start the day fresh and early

It is a good idea to start off your workday bright and early, so you have time to get everything done, and then some more to unwind. Starting the day early will also help you feel fresher, keep better track of the tasks you’re working on, and will help you keep up with a proper routine. This way, you’ll be able to categorize all your work and will not be struggling for time.

We hope these tips will help you manage your time better and boost your productivity. For more guidance, WorkPilot is always there for you, your team, and the company. You can always do more with this easy-to-use remote working platform!  

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