What is an Intranet (explained)

Learn more about Intranet and the benefits it can provide to your organisation.
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September 28, 2022
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Simply put, an Intranet is a digital workspace for your organisation. This is your organisation's internal version of the Internet.

An organisation with an effective change and communication program is 3.5 times more likely to outperform its peers. So strong communication and knowledge exchange is at the basis of success.

This is where an Intranet comes into the picture!

Let’s look at 5 ways in which the interactive platform can help your organisation:

1. Share information, easily

Most organisations rely on emails for sharing information. According to a survey, email fatigue can lead to 38% of employees quitting their jobs. By using an Intranet, you can easily share information and reduce the need for sending back and forth emails, saving time and avoiding email fatigue.

2. Find information in one place

Your organisation has a lot of knowledge and information to store. Usually, the information is stored in Google Drive, word documents, etc., making it difficult to track. With an intranet, your employees can easily access information, all in one place.

You can use an online platform like WorkPilot to create a searchable company wiki that helps make information retrieval easier.

3. Improve collaboration across teams

Your company intranet helps to promote collaboration. Teams can easily work together on projects and checklists, making sure everyone is updated in real-time.

With an online platform, teams can:

  • Have open discussions
  • Share ideas and knowledge
  • Provide real-time updates

4. Engage and motivate your employees

Engaged employees are happier, productive, and less likely to leave. With your intranet, you can make sure that employees are involved and updated in real-time. As employees start to understand the bigger picture and feel like a part of the organisation, they play an active role in the organisation's success.  

5. Build a transparent culture

Your intranet can help create a strong and transparent company culture. People thrive in environments where they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts. As teams feel empowered with digital transformation, they are likely to feel motivated and perform better.

With WorkPilot, you can create your company Intranet, in a few simple steps.

WorkPilot is an online platform that helps you to share knowledge, documents, and processes within your organisation.

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