Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I assess my learners?

WorkPilot includes a powerful assessment engine that gives you real-time results.

You can assess learners through:

  • Quizzes
  • Assignment uploads
  • Validation questionnaires
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Learner analytics and tracked engagement
  • Learner reports

How long is a subscription?

Subscriptions can be monthly or annual, you choose whichever works best for you.

What kind of organisations use WorkPilot?

WorkPilot is used by a companies of all sizes. From large global consulting firms to small businesses and growing startups.

The WorkPilot platform scales easily with the size of the business you're in.

We're a large company, do you offer additional security?

Yes, WorkPilot has a number of additional security options including multi-factor authentication (MFA), OKTA and SSO.

Is there a free tier?

Absolutely. You can try WorkPilot completely free for 14 days!

How many users can the platform support?

WorkPilot is incredibly scaleable. The platform can accomodate any number of users, from small handful of participants to tens of thousands of learners.

What is the Content Management System (CMS)?

WorkPilot makes it very easy to create and manage your content.

The platform allows multi-user authoring and the ability to reuse content across multiple locations.

You can create learning content using any number elements including text, video, images, files, links, Loom recordings, quizzes and much more..

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can pay by monthly subscription or upfront for the year.

What features are included in my subscription?

We know that your needs can change quickly, that's why we include some many features in your subscription.

All features listed in the pricing table are acailable to you and your team.

How quickly can my account be activated?

Your account can be activated instantly.

Is there multi-user authoring?

Absolutely! WorkPilot allows multi-user authoring and an easy to use content management system.

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