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Popular Questions & Answers

Explore the answers to some of the most frequently asked question below

Who uses WorkPilot?

WorkPilot is used by teams around the world to improve knowledge sharing & remote work performance. Our customers include everything from major global consultancies to Startups, law firms to Universities and even national space agencies 🚀

How long does it take to activate my account?

You free account will activate instantly

Is there a free version of WorkPilot?

Yes, WorkPilot is totally free for the first 3 users, so you can try it with no commitment.
After that you can pay per additional user as you require.

Is there a support library available?

Yes, WorkPilot comes with a full support library packed full of help articles. It's easy to search by topic or keyword to find the information you need.

Where are your customers located?

Our customers are located all around the world including in North America, Europe, the UK, APAC, the Middle East & South East Asia.

What can I do in the platform?

Think of WorkPilot as a digital manual for your business. The platform makes it easy to create a library of business knowledge, SOPs & processes that can then be shared & tracked.

It's easy to create a library of:
- SOPs
- Work Tutorials
- Process Workflows
- How-to content
- Shareable projects

Can I control what my team has access to on WorkPilot?

Yes it's very easy to manage exactly what your users can do & see on the platform.

Want to share specific content and workflows with different groups?
No problem, you can manage your content and users exactly as you need to :o)

Is WorkPilot easy to use?

Yes the platform is very easy to use, regardless of your technical skills

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, there is no lock-in for paid monthly accounts. You can also change your number of monthly users at any time.

Do you have an Enterprise version of the platform?

Yes we support enterprise clients. Please enquire to learn more.